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Welcome to the Iowa Limestone Producers Association

Limestone and other forms of aggregate are something most people never notice. However, it is essential to our everyday lives. Aggregate products can be found at home in our driveways, sidewalks, foundations and even the shingles on our roofs. It is also used to control erosion around our lakes and rivers and helps purify our drinking water. Iowa farmers even use a special type of limestone, known as Aglime, on their soil to reduce nitrogen runoff and increase crop yield.

Each and every year Iowans use an average of 35 million tons of crushed limestone alone. The extraction, refinement and transportation of limestone, sand, and gravel is one of Iowa’s largest industries and employers. It’s a complex process that requires heavy capital investment, sophisticated machinery, conscientious land management and on-going cooperation with neighboring communities. Careful management of these valuable resources is vital to our environment and our future.

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