Members Recieve Good Neighbor Awards During Annual Convention


Martin Marietta Materials Alden District, Dows Quarry entrance, received the “Good Housekeeping” award.  The entrance sign at the Dows Quarry was improved by removing overgrowth and replacing it with various sizes of limestone products, greatly enhancing the appearance of the entrance to this location.

BMC Aggregates received a “Community Outreach” award.  In conjunction with the University of Northern Iowa, BMC Aggregates has sponsored a community education program for Earth Science Week for the last 17 years, which involves a variety of activities concluding with an Area Wide Event, “Sunday at the Quarry.”  This year the event was expanded to include our Geoscience Partner as part of the theme for Earth Science Week, “Our Geoscience Heritage.”

Sherman Lundy, BMC Aggreates was awarded the “I Make A Difference” award.  This award goes to employees who have a positive image in the community.  Sherman is serving on the State Soil Conservation Committee, as our industry representative.  Sherman has also served on the ILPA Public Relations and Education Committee for several years and helped establish the “Geology of Iowa for Teachers” class at the University of Northern Iowa.