2016 RAGBRAI Trip Logs – Learn About the Land

In recent years, the Iowa Limestone Producers Association has helped to sponsor a series of “Trip Logs” created for the sole purpose of introducing RAGBRAI riders to Iowa’s amazing, and sometimes hidden, landscape.   Created by a partnership between the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Geological Survey, the IIHR , the United States Geological Survey, and the University of Iowa’s Mobile Museum, the brochures give riders a better understanding of the geological features they ride over each day.

The logs are available here:

RAGBRAI Day 1 2016

RAGBRAI Day 2 2016

RAGBRAI Day 3 2016

RAGBRAI Day 4 2016

RAGBRAI Day 5 2016

RAGBRAI Day 6 2016

RAGBRAI Day 7 2016