Limestone Handbook

The “Limestone Handbook”

Most of the “Projects” found on this website, plus many more are available in our “Limestone Handbook.”

This book was created by the Iowa Limestone Producers Association because quarry operators were frequently asked about the best crushed stone product for a particular use. What product is recommended for a driveway, foundation beneath a patio, backfill behind a wall, or available to build a flower bed?

Although operators were always ready with their best suggestions, they began to wonder if there was a source that answered these questions. Are books available that describe how to build a rock driveway, protect a pond with rip rap, or control erosion along a creek? Books and magazines are available describing how to set up a thousand different gardens or build 500 different decks. There are books on bricklaying, wiring, building shelves, and on and on. Unfortunately, they could not find any books on the best uses for limestone products.

This book presents, in a non-technical manner, the best ways and places to use limestone. Pictures and drawings are included to show various applications for limestone products. The Limestone Handbook will be helpful to the small business person, farmer, and board member as they work to build better drives, recreational trails, picnic areas, parking lots, roadways and to reduce erosion. Since limestone is readily available, cost effective and attractive, its use should be considered at every opportunity.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the Limestone Handbook, just contact our office. We can be reached either by telephone at 515-262-8668, or by e-mail at [email protected]. Just the cost of postage.