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November 14, 2017

October 26, 2017

National Drug Free Work Week

October 16, 2017


Did you know that having a drug and alcohol program is the fastest way to improve employee work performance and reduce costs?

New 2018 Western Star 4700 Dump Truck

April 4, 2017

New 2018 Western Star 4764SF 18′ Dump Truck
Detroit DD13 470 HP, Automatic Transmission , TufTrac Suspension. FA 20,000, RA 40,000. More Information here!

8415 6th St. SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404
Phone: 319-365-0531
Toll-Free: 800-332-6158


2018 Freightliner 114SD 18' Dump Truck

April 4, 2017

Available for DEMO! Call us for details.
2018 Freightliner 114SD 18′ Dump Truck
Detroit DD13 470 HP, Automatic Transmission, TufTrac Suspension, Henderson Steel Body, FA 20,000, RA 40,000. More information here.

8415 6th St. SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404
Phone: 319.365.0531
Toll-Free: 800.332.6158


C2850 Advanced Belt Weighing System

April 3, 2017

C2850 Indicator B - 260 x 300_0

The LOADRITE™ C2850 is an advanced belt weighing system designed in particular for rugged industries like aggregate, construction, scrap metal recycling and mining. It is the ideal tool for monitoring inventory, production output and product load out, while providing essential data management tools to drive productivity and machine performance decisions. The C2850 is designed and engineered to the highest LOADRITE™ standards. The design is agile and rugged, consistently providing highly accurate weighing results.

The C2850 scale consists of four main components: The load cells, scale frame, speed sensor and an integrator which processes the signal from the conveyor belt scale. The load cells react to vertical forces, giving an accurate weight, while the belt speed is monitored by the speed sensor. The weight and speed signals are electronically converted to a weight, which appears on the display in pounds, kilograms or tons per hour.

A range of connectivity options like Modbus, 4-20mA to a PLC, Ethernet and printer make it very versatile for data transfer and integration into an existing communication infrastructure providing the best solution for our customers.

For more information please contact Jake at 402.570.8680 or [email protected]


Insight HQ Web-Based Plant Reporting

March 7, 2017

Insights Collage

Insight HQ provides visibility to respond to issues, optimize production and productivity in real time. At your fingertips you have access to live reports by customer, product, machine or productivity. Also adjust reports to suit your reporting period e.g. right now, day, week, month, year or customize for shifts or other. Keeping track of production from screens and crushers is essential for business efficiency, but to date it has been either expensive, difficult, or both. Loadrite’s Insight, web-based plant reporting, easily gives you the power to see your plant, from anywhere in the world.

IM-SERIES Insight software from Loadrite makes it easy to produce a range of useful reports. With Insight, producers can:

  • -Identify bottlenecks in their processes
  • -Track tons per hour through crushing and screening
  • -Track inventory
  • -Assess wear part performance.

**Contact us about a 30 day free trial!**

For more information please contact Jake at 402.570.8680 or [email protected]

TCI Leasing Equipment in Stock (rental or purchase)

December 29, 2016

TCI Leasing Rental Inventory

TCI Leasing has the following inventory for rental or purchase

  • 6) 36×70 portable radial stackers
  • 36×100 portable radial stacker
  • 36×70 triple-stack (3-pack) transfer conveyors
  • 36×80 diesel (self-contained) radial stacker
  • 2) PTSC – portable 6×18 DD High Frequency Screening Plants
  • Portable 6x20TD horizontal screening plant for more information on product specs

Contact Kelan Moylan for more information 815-878-5832