Miller Creek Water Quality Improvement Project

BMC Aggregates received a 2016 ILPA Community Involvement award for their participation in a very unique Watershed Management Project in Black Hawk County entitled: Miller Creek Water Quality Improvement Project. As part of this Project, BMC Aggregates implemented streambank restoration to widen the stream bank to accommodate excess water from the Creek during high water conditions thereby reducing the impact of streambank erosion downstream.

Another major component of this project was the development and implementation of farm ground application practices. This is being done by their farm operator and the Miller Creek Watershed Coordinator working together to reduce water and nutrient runoff. BMC’s farm operator implemented No Till in place of the previous fall tillage practice on the nearly 80 acres of the BMC location at the South Quarry site. Just recently, BMC added an edge-of-field practice to assist in reducing run-off of nutrient and soil through a special program from the Tall Grass and Prairie Center and the University of Northern Iowa.