Manufacturers and Suppliers

This division consists of individuals, firms, or corporations who are engaged in the manufacturing and sale of equipment, materials and supplies; or the performing of services to the crushed limestone industry in Iowa.

All dues received from M & S Division members are applied to the cost of our annual convention, helping to keep registration costs low.

Benefits of ILPA Membership Include:

The Annual Convention – Grow your knowledge base by interacting and exchanging information with industry partners. Meet new people and solidify existing relationships. The ILPA convention is two days of fun, education and camaraderie. It is the home of the infamous Rockbuster Ball.

Annual Safety Seminar – Held each February, this is a great time to sharpen your skills and gain knowledge in an area that will continue to be important to anyone working in or near mine operations.

Golf Outing – The Outing is held every September at a location selected by the current ILPA President. Hole sponsorships are available and a great way to get your company name out in front of ILPA members. The Outing provides an opportunity to spend a relaxing afternoon with your customers, and participation is a fun way to show your commitment to the industry.

Membership Directory – In April of each year, all ILPA members (M & S and Producer) receive, without charge, a new and updated Membership Directory. As an ILPA member, your company name, products offered and contact information is included in the Directory.

Web Page – Each ILPA member (Both Producer and M & S member) has a spot on our website ( This personalized location contains their company name and logo if desired. It also contains links so our members have instant access to your e-mail address and website. You control the content via password-protected access. Each month M & S members are allowed two free ads in the website’s classified section.

ILPA Board of Directors Involvement – Each year the M & S Division elects one of their own to serve a one-year term on the ILPA Board of Directors. The Board meets five times per year providing M & S members access to the highest level of the ILPA decision-making process.

Contribute to ILPA Committees – ILPA has seven standing committees on which M & S members can serve. Participation provides an opportunity to understand and prepare for new industry initiatives and direction. You can work hand-in-hand with your industry customer as they address the ever-changing issues confronting the aggregates industry.


Registration Instructions – Filling in the boxes below will create your personal/company username and password.  They will be used to re-enter the website once you become a member.  This allows you to create classified ads and change any of your company information should the need arise.  Please write them down.  Boxes marked with asterisks  indicate required information.

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